Our Story

Back in 2013, when Rebecca and Simon met at a Kynance Cove party, they could not have imagined the adventure they would have together over the following four years. Within 12 months, they were living in Italy, Simon working as a boat builder, Rebecca teaching English and learning Italian. Both foodies by nature they developed a love of Italian food and were determined to find the perfect pizza recipe to bring home to Kernow!

After undertaking training to become professional pizzaioli in Florence, they returned home and launched Flour Power Pizza Parlour to share their healthy, unique pala pizza. What better way to feed the Cornish community and visitors than from from their eye-catching van.

it’s all about the base

Why are ours healthy?

Our bases are homemade using our own slow-risen multigrain dough recipe that we rest for at least 72 hours, making them incredibly light and easier to digest than classic pizzas. No more bloated tummies with our pala pizzas!

We hand prepare our toppings with as much love as we have for our dough using the very best seasonal and foraged Cornish ingredients where possible. This enables us to experiment with new meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan combinations so we will have all your favourite toppings plus new seasonal variations for you to try, all taste tested in our own kitchen!

Handmade gluten-free bases are also available when preordered 24 hours in advance for an extra £2 each.

our pizza parlour

Our pizza parlour is a work of art in itself, we wanted it to reflect our story and inspiration so we had the idea of an ode to Italy in some fashion. We are lucky enough to be friends with an extremely talented local artist whose individual perspective of Cornish coastlines and landmarks are truly something to behold. So once we shared our idea of a classic Italian landscape with Laurie he knew exactly what to do and boy did he nail it. Taking the picturesque Tuscan rolling hills and adapting it to his style and finishing it off with a trademark sunset, Laurie created this special one of a kind work of art.

So with the exterior sorted naturally the next essential part was our conversion on the inside. AmoBox built and installed a custom pizza oven as well as all the other jigsaw pieces required to complete such a special project.

We are eco friendly

We’re proud to say that we’re single-use plastic-free. We use 100% compostable pizza boxes and 100% biodegradable bags which are also both recyclable. We even serve cans of water.

Get In Touch

If you'd like to discuss anything with us please get in touch via the telephone or email address below, otherwise we can be reached on instagram, facebook or via the contact form for all other enquiries.

Please note: We are unable to accept orders via the contact form so please call us if you would like to place an order for collection on the day.

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